Revealed: The project by the most powerful force in the world that CHANGES THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION !


Revealed: The project by the most powerful force in the world that CHANGES THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION !

The announcements that have so far only been in the domain of the most extreme forecasts by the so-called “conspiracy theories” have been OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, and so the question that then arises is: WHAT'S NEXT !?

What is the prerequisite for the COMPLETE CONTROL OF PEOPLE ?

The first and most important step in the “process of controlling people” has always been to MARK them, irrelevant of positive or negative connotations and/ motivations for it. Soldiers wear uniforms, prisoners wear specific clothes, and in the past, for example, slaves had permanent skin tattoos or were forced to have certain objects or items with them which clearly ‘distinguished them from free individuals’.

That which was, at the time of the current pandemic, the highlight or the epicentre of the so-called “conspiracy theories” was the claim “that the crisis was artificially provoked so that it could serve as an excuse on which an entirely new kind of control over people could be established with an added emphasis on people being CHIPPED” !? Such, and similar, allegations went so far that even a certain large part of the “conspiracy theorists” themselves became ‘sceptical’. Whilst even to them it had seemed to lead to something that was to an extent something out of the science fiction movies to others, i.e. proponents of such an idea, it had seemed ‘logical’, something that should be challenged further even at a personal cost of them such as generally being treated as “a bunch of paranoid or simply idle individuals” !
However, WHAT will happen if it actually turns out to be TRUE !?

Might it have BEEN CLEARLY ANNOUNCED earlier on, that the CHIPPING OF INDIVIDUALS was to HAPPEN exactly the way that it is theorized today ?

In 2010, after many years of research and preparation, Russian author Galina Tsareva directed a documentary entitled “Pandemics of Lies” that deals with “artificially provoking pandemics in the interest of, and in collaboration with, large pharmaceutical companies and certain powerful leaders across the world who wanted to satisfy their particular political interests”.
Whilst the film, with all the FACTS that it presented, received the best possible reviews from an expert community which included: medical professionals, geopoliticians, and journalists, amongst the wider audience it initially invoked COMPLETE SURPRISE followed by a multitude of positive appraisals. On the other hand, in all the leading “developed countries”, and primarily in the United States, this title was censored and banned despite “all the laws that are put in place in order to protect ones right to freedom of speech” !

Basic claim made in the aforementioned film is that the ultimate goal of 'everything' is the “planned and well-organized FORCED GLOBAL VACCINATION that is achieved in a manner that could entail several 'unsuccessful attempts' which will surely be followed by that one attempt that will produce the desired FINAL OUTCOME” !?
As it turns out, coincidentally, everything shown in the film strikingly coincides with that which happened following the current outbreak, and most worrying of it all is that which is YET TO COME, which would be our CHIPPING !? Precisely such a “science fiction” claim was that which opponents of the film used as justification for it being banned.. but ! ..WHAT if it all isn't some kind of “science fiction” but rather our HARSH REALITY !?

US Army Project that envisages CHIPPING of PEOPLE with an aim of “automatically reacting to infectious diseases” !?

Experts from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States Department of Defense that deals with innovative technologies in the field of national security.. have developed a revolutionary system of preventative and corrective measures, not only against coronaviruses, but also all other potential ones that COULD in the future cause similar pandemics such as the current one. In order to get a true impression concerning the level of importance and potential that the aforementioned agency has, it should be stated that DARPA founded the computer network called ARPANET that later resulted in the INTERNET !

At the very core of the innovation is the introduction of a micro-chip-based artificial material into a HEALTHY INDIVIDUAL, tasked with continuously monitoring the presence of all potentially harmful viruses in ones blood and responding through a certain complex process in such a manner as to destroy these microorganisms before they cause the disease at all. THE BASIC ASSUMPTION from which everything stems is that pandemics, those expected to arise in the future, present an extraordinary danger to humanity, and with an aid of the previously mentioned systems, for the first time in history, it will be possible for us to completely prevent them ! For further details please see the following article and its video presentation: A sensor that can tell you if you're sick

At the heart of the matter or 'the problem' are technological advances that are being made, and for example the fact that the US Army has for the very FIRST TIME officially confirmed that it has succeeded in actually manufacturing CHIPS that are placed within a capsule and transferred into an individual (as shown in the picture), where they are tasked with detecting diseases (or maybe better said 'discrepancies') within a body as well as performing 'some other actions', thus making one susceptible to various types of influences or changes, be they positive or negative, and under complete control FROM or BY an EXTERNAL SOURCE !?

We should be aware of the fact that besides the officially presented substances that the chips contain, it is also possible to add NANOROBOTS that are capable of reaching the brain, and that are currently being developed “for medical purposes”.
A noble act that is at the same time a very dangerous one !
Remember, NANOBOTS are nano, and are made for such a reason, in such a manner, and with such technology that they would and should generally be untraceable and undetectable either 'by our own bodies defense mechanisms' or by standard equipment that is, or will be, available to majority of laboratories, and if nothing else, this alone provides enough of an 'opportunity' for them to be misused !!!

Another FACT that's also interesting is: that after so many years of research, these chips 'appear' right at the epicentre of the pandemic caused by an "invisible-enemy ", and they coincidentally do so just after THE meeting regarding a 'simulation of widespread expectations including effects of, and response to, an OUTBREAK' was held in New York City, whilst ALL of the scientists who had challenged the official claims concerning the origin and structure of the “invisible enemy” were being CENSORED, such as the famous French research scientist Luc Montagnier who had received a NOBEL PRIZE for Physiology or Medicine for his work in identifying HIV, who, along with the members of his team, maintained that the 'enemy' was ARTIFICIAL in nature !?

Is CHIPPING of PEOPLE the only way in which COMPLETE CONTROL can be achieved !?

In 2013, a program based on OPTOGENETICS and CHEMOGENETICS called BRAIN INITIATIVE (Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) was launched in the United States whose aim was to, with an aid of certain innovative technologies, activate and deactivate certain brain cells of experimental mice. This was achieved due to the fact that, contrary to previous belief, neurons in the brain could actually be influenced without the use of brain implants, and thus there was only a need for specific artificial substances that act on the neuronal DNA and as such directly affect the BEHAVIOR of a certain individual !

THE ESSENCE OF THE PROBLEM lies in the fact that when artificially made substances that act on neurons are introduced into the body so that they could be 'manipulated' from an external environment through the use of light rays of specific frequency and wavelength…
On one hand we can all understand that benefits of such technologies are vast, as for example they could aid in HEALING and TREATMENT OF VARIOUS ILLNESSES'… BUT at the same time, on another hand, they could allow for, and be used as, a tool for contactless manipulation of individuals by impacting their mood, thoughts, and finally BEHAVIOR !!!

This topic however is rather a complex one and as such requires special attention and vast knowledge in various fields that I myself may not be qualified enough to discuss, but amongst many things that it covers, it does present a multitude of shocking facts regarding certain claims “that the current pandemic may not have occurred naturally”, and that once again I deem only experts can decide upon, yet! ..that which remains a FACT is that for many years individuals have been successfully working on technology that can, in a surprisingly effective way, externally and contactlessly, affect ones psyche and emotions with one of the partners on the project being the previously mentioned DARPA !?

What can happen when two such technologies are CONNECTED TOGETHER !?

Could anyone imagine WHAT COULD HAPPEN if we were to IN ONE PLACE have a combination of: on the one hand, an implant such as for an example a chip, via which a “foreign body which would monitor every bodily function” being embedded into an individual.. and on the other hand, technology that would, through “similar foreign bodies”, allow for contactless manipulation of that same individual !?
Since similar pandemics as the current one are being announced, what is the PROBABILITY that individuals who are brought to a state of PANIC and FEAR concerning various infectious diseases will actually accept chipping “as the only real protection against infection” (similar to the current VACCINES that are already officially being predicted to become mandatory on an annual basis), and that then, “again for their own good”, chips (or that which accompanies them in these processes..) will not get new and “more advanced” features which could be 'abused or misused' but which 'of course' NO ONE will 'use in such a manner, just as they have not done in the PAST' !?

It is indisputable that majority of individuals that work on the previously mentioned technologies are well-meaning and honorable ones, who “aim at betterment of mankind”, but the problem lies within the questions of WHO and FOR WHAT PURPOSE will they eventually be used for, i.e. whether the initial motives for their development are those which are presented to the public, and the fact that this is just one of the crucial decisions that only a handful of individuals is to decide upon !!!
Wasn't the atomic bomb made during WWII in order to “deter the enemy” and save many INNOCENT LIVES, only to then be used in the “defensive war” in such a manner that it led to everything being burned alive, causing over 100000 innocent people to perish from earth in the worst possible ways imaginable, not once but twice !?

The attached video link aims to show what certain “decent people” who are otherwise known as “cold-blooded HEROES from idyllic Hollywood movies” (..with all due respect to the vast majority of soldiers who really were heroes !) are ready and willing to do to other people (civilians irrespective of gender and age).. so that the question which arises is: considering the fact that tragic consequences cannot clearly be visible yet, WHAT makes us think that similar 'perpetrators' and/ 'masterminds' are not doing something similar AS WE SPEAK... !?

For a better understanding of the same topic, I would also like to recommend an excerpt from a 1983 feature film called “The Day After” which is, in the opinion of experts, still to date, one of the MOST REALISTIC presentations of the situation in question and which had managed, unlike anything before or since, to motivate millions of people around the world to PREVENT not only these but also countless other types of disasters that threaten us.

WHAT does the underlying CAUSE of all the problems actually stem from !?

When one follows various MEDIA, that are in one way or another even in 'democratic countries' still predominantly controlled or influenced by the government, and if we consider the fact that at the same time majority of people don't have a broad general education, it comes as no surprise that it could easily happen that those people could simply form a completely distorted picture of certain events which are of crucial importance for the society in which they live.
Broadcasts of criminal acts by ones enemy, whether they were committed in real time or in the past, will remain clearly imprinted in ones mind whilst at the same time deliberate 'criminal', and often much worse, acts committed by our own governments will easily be 'disregarded' or passed over, simply because certain individuals will (those who do what they do FOR MONEY) manage to impress and dazzle us with their overall appearance, decent looks, big smiles, and other TECHNIQUES OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION.. until such moment when they eventually convince us to place our trust in them instead of OUR OWN COMMON SENSE !

Similar techniques to these are used when a mass of people is to adjust to a radical change in a society, which TAKES PLACE GRADUALLY, and in such a manner that the government shows 'some justification' for every move that it makes with an added emphasis that it was extremely important that those particular steps be taken “JUST AT THOSE PARTICULAR MOMENTS” so that at one point we REALIZE THAT OUR LIVES HAVE FUNDAMENTALLY BEEN CHANGED through a MULTITUDE OF “SMALL STEPS” (..where each step was given their absolute attention and thus that of the entire society, which coincidentally does NOT COMPREHEND WHAT HAS HAPPENED or what is yet to happen) and that we were NOT AWARE OF IT AT ALL AND THEREFORE NOT ABLE TO PREVENT !?

What kind of future will CONTROLLED "individuals" leave behind for the generations to come !?

As a general rule, all changes that one accepts to our detriment occur to us exclusively VOLUNTARILY, and are, once the so-called “critical mass” has been achieved, i.e. when a large part of the population has accepted those changes, imposed as a LEGAL OBLIGATION ! The best example of this is that of the “Bolshevik Revolution” (also called the “October Revolution”) of 1917 in Russia, when a bunch of uneducated, 'primitive', 'simple' and, in large part, essentially immoral individuals was convinced and/ persuaded to accept the communist movement or to simply not resist it.. not long after, millions of these individuals would be precisely the ones on whom those in whom they had shown their TRUST would turn on !
THE ESSENTIAL PROBLEM lies actually in the fact that the same MORALS AND MOTIVATIONS to manipulate others exist throughout the world, including in those places that declare themselves as 'free', and that might be the most dangerous one of all because there, this all happens in way that is UNDERHANDED and/ HIDDEN !


What will happen if, “for our own good”, chips become MANDATORY, as is today the case with biometric identity documents ?
How sure can we be, and how can we be sure, that someone else will protect OUR HEALTH better than we ourselves can, if we allow them to control our body from the inside out as well !?

1 of our messages 'out there' might mean 100 new like-minded people in just 1 day !

Could some DISASTERS not be just as clearly visible as it was the case with the previously mentioned nuclear war.. whilst at the same time their consequences could become even MORE TRAGIC !?

All of the latter may seem like just “another conspiracy theory” or as a “pessimistic view of the future” BUT ! ..over the past year and a bit, haven't we all experienced a NUMBER OF UNPLEASANT SURPRISES THAT WE COULDN'T HAVE IMAGINED EVER BEFORE EVEN IN OUR WORST NIGHTMARES !?

1 of our messages 'out there' might mean 100 new like-minded people in just 1 day !

Will some NEW “and still little known” MUTATION of the horrid “invisible enemy” called the Coronavirus, (..or something similar), once people become COMPLETELY USED to it, become the MAIN JUSTIFICATION for any and all deaths or illnesses that result from 'bad vaccines' or drugs produced by some large pharmaceutical companies that make money from them, and/ for a “necessary lockdown” ( stop such a disease until new vaccines are made) !? And not only that, will this then become an excuse for the economic crisis that will surely follow but contrary to belief not due to the “invisible enemy” but rather due to the incompetence and/ corruption of those that are supposed to 'lead us' !? Will this provide the MEANS FOR DISTRICTING THE PUBLIC every time that a government wants to cover up some big affair or data that would / could cause mass public outrage… and much, much more !?

Consider how dangerous catastrophes, for which there will be no sirens, noises, and/ general panic which is to WARN you of them, could be !


I find it is constructive to read this article along with the previous one I wrote, because it is only once together that they form a useful whole.
I would also like to recommend (exclusively looking at the psychological point of view) that you see a well-known science fiction movie called “Equilibrium”, that describes a futuristic world and a social system in which people are 'forced' by the state to, “for their own good”, take certain substanceswhich will make their lives better” and yet they themselves are in a sense not aware of it ! Many people around the world are increasingly mentioning this movie and drawing parallels between it and the current events, while at the same time eliminating the epithet “science fiction” from its description.


By using the image of a chimpanzee in the context of describing an “average person today” it was not my intention to underestimate the intelligence of these animals, and I hope that animal rights activists and those who believe in the same will not resent me for it.

About The Author


In the words of my associate: “Writer of the article holds a degree in economics but is to be considered a true scholar of the world. He spent his formative years in both urban and rural areas and upon completing his degree has worked and lived both at home and abroad. Knowledgeable, well read, broadminded, logical, idealistic, and at the same time, realistic, he is involved in broad spectrum of projects and subjects ranging from sociology, history, art, to modern technology. A highly versatile individual who is self-confident and yet willing to listen to, and consider, other people's opinions, a quality which is in today's society deemed to be quite a rare one. Psychology is one of his passions in life and provides him with a unique understanding of the human condition and the world that we live in”.


In the words of my associate: “Writer of the article holds a degree in economics but is to be considered a true scholar of the world. He spent his formative years in both urban and rural areas and upon completing his degree has worked and lived both at home and abroad. Knowledgeable, well read, broadminded, logical, idealistic, and at the same time, realistic, he is involved in broad spectrum of projects and subjects ranging from sociology, history, art, to modern technology. A highly versatile individual who is self-confident and yet willing to listen to, and consider, other people's opinions, a quality which is in today's society deemed to be quite a rare one. Psychology is one of his passions in life and provides him with a unique understanding of the human condition and the world that we live in”.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ARTICLE from a different point of view

At a first glance, the article may appear to be a presentation of one or two innovative technologies that, when used for well-intentioned purposes, can be diametrically opposite to it or more precisely: become a tool used for manipulation and, above all, for CONTROL.
However, that is in fact where the essential problem actually ends, that is it is what a vast majority of people first and foremost sees, and the solution should be sought in its beginning or rather in its cause, which is something else entirely.
This article as a whole actually speaks about the fact that the greatest EVIL in the world comes from the seemingly “decent individuals” which we meet on a daily basis and which we know as our kind and hardworking neighbors or acquaintances, or as “family orientated individuals who are always ready to help a stranger in need”. Some serious research (which will be further discussed on another occasion) has shown that beneath that “big smile” often lies something fundamentally destructive, of which these individuals themselves are not even aware of, and that is EGOISM, which is along with two other characteristics: STUPIDITY and INSECURITY, at the top of the “pyramid of negative characteristics of human nature”. This means that most of these people do bad things not with an aim of intentionally harming someone, but simply because they do not want to “confront someone or something that or who is important to them..” and precisely because of that, once the world's greatest criminals were brought before the court, most of them justified themselves by saying that their actions were “someone else's responsibility” or a “consequence of someone else's decision” and not by their own choice. It is up to the readers to judge for themselves if there is an essential EVIL behind it all, or is it just a combination of the aforementioned “three supreme human shortcomings”...
The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is a famous saying, but keep in mind that the underlined words simply cannot ever be an excuse for bad deeds... Confucius once said: “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself”.. or in other words: STUPIDITY OR IGNORANCE CANNOT JUSTIFY ANY WRONGDOING NO MATTER HOW LITTLE THEY TAKE PART IN IT ! Think about this when you meet someone “with a big smile” or when you “are doing something to another”.. Irrespective of your religious standing.. be aware that at some point everything comes to a full circle.. everything “comes up for payment”.. one way or another..