IT'S BEGAN !!! A lawsuit against the greatest fraud in the history of mankind !

The author of the presentation that follows: Mr. R. F. - from here on out only referred to by his initials in order to avoid Internet applications that are tasked with detecting his posts and then blocking some of them, and whose full identity we have stated at the very beginning of the video - obtained his PhD in law in Germany and is a member of the American Bar Association, who has had an excellent and rarely successful international career, with not a single professional or private affair to his name.
The presentation is about - ALMOST ENTIRELY UNKNOWN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC - the possibility for individuals and legal entities to attain material compensation from their respective countries FOR ANY KIND OF DAMAGE (both material and immaterial) that was UNLAWFULLY caused to them during the course of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and later. The author of the presentation - who is also the founder of the newly formed committee for gathering material evidence with an aim of initiating litigations before national and international courts - believes that the basic problem in society is that individuals and/or organizations aren't familiar enough with their legally regulated and PRECISELY DEFINED RIGHTS, or with certain key FACTS that demonstrate that those rights have been, in a well-organized process, DELIBERATELY VIOLATED !
Another reason for initiating the whole process (presented in the video presentation) is that from the author's point of view the aforementioned events have led to the greatest THREAT TO HUMAN RIGHTS in the history of mankind, and that if this is not adequately addressed at this time... it is possible that it will go on in the future, perhaps with much more drastic repercussions !!!

In everything previously written or presented in the video presentation, we do not in any way wish to suggest what POSITION you are to take - because above all we consider everyone of us to be a FREE HUMAN BEING or in other words an individual whose FREE THINKING absolutely no one has the right to influence - but we only wish to provide people with the POSSIBILITY OF ADDITIONAL CHOICES.

1. This video may freely be COPIED as long as the original content is being respected, i.e. content cannot be changed or edited in such a manner that its integrity is affected in any way. Lengthening, shortening, extension or modification of individual segments is prohibited.
2. WE INVITE all interested parties, individuals or organizations, who are interested in making this content available in other languages, to get involved in its TRANSLATION or in its further DISTRIBUTION; for the purpose of which they can obtain the transcripts directly from us.
3. We would also like to emphasize that we do not belong to any: political party, ideological movement or interest group, but rather only stand for FREEDOM OF CHOICE as we believe that it is a RIGHT that belongs to absolutely every single one of us.


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