How will “COVID PASSPORTS” at one point MANIPULATE a person who has never traveled abroad !?

Some time ago an article ( came out and its main message was that "THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING of what will happen to each one of us IF WE DON'T RESIST what is CURRENTLY BEING IMPOSED" !!!
In it certain events in our society were foreseen but, as is usually the case, it was initially labeled as an 'exaggeration' only to, shortly afterwards, actually be treated as a SHOCKING PREDICTION OF THE FUTURE that awaits us !

After viewing this video take some time and watch a trailer for a feature film which is mentioned in it ( that, in an artistic way, presents the same issue just from a completely different angle, all the while considering that that which was once treated as science fiction, at some stage has but a great cruel chance of becoming a REALITY !


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