Revealed: The project by the most powerful force in the world that CHANGES THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION !

Amongst the many scientific discoveries that are made on a daily basis, one stands out as perhaps the MOST SHOCKING IN RECENT HISTORY, as it represents the fact that to an average person 'one single INSINCERE SMILE that they get from a CALCULATED, ILL-INTENTIONED OR UNWORTHY PERSON', may be INCOMPARABLY MORE DANGEROUS than any CRIME, WAR, and/ DISASTER that may befall upon them while they are at work or traveling, put TOGETHER, because it can, unlike anything else, disarm them in a way that it distorts their perception and impairs their psychological mechanisms that reflexively protect them from harm !
This video shows WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS when a naive person (a group to which a vast majority of the population belongs) places their trust in the WRONG INDIVIDUALS, and certain 'forecasts' that it presents, which are based on MATERIAL EVIDENCE, will astonish even the 'science fiction writers that have the greatest pessimism for the future of humanity' !!!
The video was made based on the article:

“A sensor that can tell you if you're sick”

“Pentagon scientists invent a microchip which senses COVID-19 in your body before you show symptoms”

Brain Initiative

Hiroshima: Dropping the Bomb

Movie segment: THE DAY AFTER

Movie trailer: EQUILIBRIUM


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